Definition of Intervertebral

1. Adjective. Pertaining to the space between two vertebrae.

Partainyms: Vertebra

Definition of Intervertebral

1. a. Between vertebræ.

Definition of Intervertebral

1. Adjective. Between the vertebrae ¹

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Definition of Intervertebral

1. [adj]

Medical Definition of Intervertebral

1. Situated between two contiguous vertebrae. This entry appears with permission from the Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology (11 Mar 2008)

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Literary usage of Intervertebral

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Journal of Anatomy and Physiology by Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland (1890)
"IN the course of my general histological work I happened to notice that the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc of the adult sheep was not always ..."

2. The Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body by John Bell, Charles Bell (1829)
"The cut edges are thus turned towards the surface of the vertebra, to which each intervertebral substance belongs: it adheres to the face of each vertebra, ..."

3. Anatomy of the Human Body by Henry Gray (1918)
"By their circumferences the intervertebral ... Pedicle (cut) intervertebral fibrocartilage Fia. 302. ... Structure of the intervertebral ..."

4. Abstracts of the Papers Printed in the Philosophical Transactions of the by Royal Society (Great Britain) (1832)
"Since the vertebrae, in other fish, are found with concavities in each surface, it was natural to expect a corresponding resemblance in the intervertebral ..."

5. Lectures on the pathology and treatment of lateral and other forms of by William Adams (1882)
"Relative Proportions of intervertebral Cartilage and Bone in the Length of the ... It is unnecessary for me to describe anatomically the intervertebral ..."

6. A Journal of Natural Philosophy, Chemistry and the Arts by William Nicholson (1810)
"The intervertebral substance was cut into by Mr. Clift four days after the fish was brought on shore, and a limpid fluid rushed ..."

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