Definition of Isometric line

1. Noun. A line connecting isometric points.

Exact synonyms: Isometric
Generic synonyms: Line
Specialized synonyms: Contour, Contour Line

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Literary usage of Isometric line

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Manual of Engineering Drawing for Students and Draftsmen by Thomas Ewing French (1918)
"Since a non-isometric line does not appear in its true length, its extremities must be located and the line found by joining these points. In Fig. ..."

2. The Gas-engine: A Treatise on the Internal-combustion Engine Using Gas by Frederick Remsen Hutton (1903)
"... an isometric line (Fig. 20). When, on the other hand, the change of condition in the gas is a change in its volume, without change in its pressure, ..."

3. Elements of Mechanical Drawing: The Use of Instruments, Theory of Projection by Gardner Chace Anthony (1909)
"As but one of the lines of the pentagon can be isometric, the construction is as follows: DE being chosen as an isometric line or axis, a second axis, YY, ..."

4. Elements of Drawing by George Frederick Blessing, Lewis Andrew Darling (1912)
"(&) The isometric origin is the intersection of the isometric axes and it is usually marked O. (c) An isometric line is one which is parallel to any one of ..."

5. Mechanical Drawing for Colleges and Universities by James David Phillips, Herbert Denny Orth, Fred Duane Crawshaw (1915)
"A non-isometric line is drawn by referring points on the line to the axes by means of coordinates. Fig. 290 shows a rectangular solid on the top face of ..."

6. Mechanical Drawing for Secondary Schools by Fred Duane Crawshaw, James David Phillips (1916)
"... -isometric line. A non-isometric line is drawn by referring points on the line to the axes by means of ..."

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