Definition of Isotonic solution

1. Noun. A solution having the same osmotic pressure as blood.

Exact synonyms: Isosmotic Solution
Generic synonyms: Solution
Specialized synonyms: Ringer Solution, Ringer's Solution, Saline, Saline Solution

Medical Definition of Isotonic solution

1. One that has the same salt concentration as cells and blood. (12 Dec 1998)

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Literary usage of Isotonic solution

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Manual of Pharmacology and Its Applications to Therapeutics and Toxicology by Torald Hermann Sollmann (1922)
"isotonic solution is used as vehicle or for cleansing sensitive mucous membranes,/.!., the nose; and for hypodermic and intravenous injections. ..."

2. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1904)
"The isotonic solution of the salt can not, therefore, be diluted with either sea water or plasma, but a dilution is necessary to study its effect on the ..."

3. A Textbook of pharmacology and therapeutics, or, the Action of drugs in by Arthur Robertson Cushny (1918)
"If this were true for all cells, the isotonic solution would preserve them in a normal condition until they slowly perished for want of oxygen and from ..."

4. Laboratory Manual for the Detection of Poisons and Powerful Drugs by Wilhelm Autenrieth (1921)
"What is an isotonic solution? If n gram- molecules of a body A are dissolved in ... In the case of human and mammalian blood an isotonic solution of sodium ..."

5. Text-book of Physiological Chemistry in Thirty Lectures by Emil Abderhalden (1908)
"They give up their hemoglobin to the urea solution; this is not the case if the urea is added to an isotonic solution of common salt ..."

6. Diagnostic Methods, Chemical, Bacteriological and Microscopical: A Text-book by Ralph Waldo Webster (1920)
"By an isotonic solution, as applied to the blood, we mean a solution of such a ... Such an isotonic solution will preserve the corpuscles, will prevent the ..."

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