Definition of Ivory gull

1. Noun. White Arctic gull; migrates as far south as England and New Brunswick.

Exact synonyms: Pagophila Eburnea
Generic synonyms: Gull, Sea Gull, Seagull
Group relationships: Genus Pagophila, Pagophila

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Literary usage of Ivory gull

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Voyage of the Vega Round Asia and Europe: With a Historical Review of by Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld (1885)
"When any large animal has been killed among the drift-ice, the ivory gull seldom fails to put in an appearance in order to quench its hunger with flesh and ..."

2. A history of British birds by Francis Orpen Morris (1857)
"A specimen of the ivory gull was shot on the 18th. or 19th. of January, 1853, at Livermead, near Torquay, Devonshire. In Yorkshire, one at Scarborough. ..."

3. The Natural History of Ireland by William Thompson, James R. Garrett, George Dickie (1851)
"THE ivory gull. ... R. Chute, writing to me in February 1846, from Blenner- n'le, near Tralee, remarked, that he had heard of an ivory gull being seen in ..."

4. Illustrations of British Ornithology by Prideaux John Selby (1833)
"THE immaculate white which distinguishes the adult plu- R°re visi- mage of the ivory gull, renders it one of the most beautiful of the genus. ..."

5. Coloured Illustrations of British Birds, and Their Eggs by Henry Leonard Meyer (1857)
"Тик ivory gull is a rare occasional winter visitant in the northern parts ... The chosen localities of the ivory gull are lofty icebergs and rocky shores, ..."

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