Definition of James fenimore cooper

1. Noun. United States novelist noted for his stories of American Indians and the frontier life (1789-1851).

Exact synonyms: Cooper
Generic synonyms: Author, Writer

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Literary usage of James fenimore cooper

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern by Charles Dudley Warner, Hamilton Wright Mabie, Lucia Isabella Gilbert Runkle, George H Warner (1902)
"Red Bover, The, by james fenimore cooper. (1827.) This story relates to the days before the Revolutionary War; and is one of Cooper's most exciting sea ..."

2. A History of the People of the United States: From the Revolution to the by John Bach McMaster (1901)
"Save Irving and Cooper, no other American writer had yet approached him in fame even in England. james fenimore cooper, the son of William and Elizabeth ..."

3. American Literature by Alphonso Gerald Newcomer (1901)
"james fenimore cooper, 1789-1851 In james fenimore cooper we have once more a romancer who approaches the novelist type, inviting comparison with Brockden ..."

4. The National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans: With Biographical H. J. Herring, James Barton Longacre by H. J. Herring, James Barton Longacre (1854)
"... james fenimore cooper. THE family of this distinguished author is one of the oldest in the United States. William Cooper arrived in this country in 1679 ..."

5. The American Novel by Carl Van Doren (1921)
"CHAPTER II james fenimore cooper THE task of becoming the principal romancer of the new nation might have weighed heavily upon Cooper had he entered his ..."

6. Views and Reviews in American Literature, History, and Fiction by William Gilmore Simms (1845)
"... OF james fenimore cooper.* WE are among those who regard Mr. Cooper as a wronged and persecuted man. We conceive that his countrymen have done him gross ..."

7. Cyclopedia of American Literature: Embracing Personal and Critical Notices by Evert Augustus Duyckinck, George Long Duyckinck (1856)
"james fenimore cooper. It was in this frontier home surrounded by noble scenery, and a population composed of adventurous settlers, hardy trappers, ..."

8. The Prose Writers of America: With a Survey of the Intellectual History by Rufus Wilmot Griswold (1856)
"WILLIAM COOPER, the emigrant ancestor of james fenimore cooper, ... James Fenimore Cooper was born at Burlington on the fifteenth of September, 1789, ..."

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