Definition of James hutton

1. Noun. Scottish geologist who described the processes that have shaped the surface of the earth (1726-1797).

Exact synonyms: Hutton
Generic synonyms: Geologist

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Literary usage of James hutton

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Works of Benjamin Franklin: Including the Private as Well as the by Benjamin Franklin, John Bigelow (1904)
"... TO james hutton 1 PASSY, 1 February, 1778. MY DEAR OLD FRIEND:—You desired that if I had no proposition to make I would at least give my advice. ..."

2. The Early Diary of Frances Burney, 1768-1778: With a Selection from Her by Fanny Burney (1889)
"I hope you believe that I am, with the greatest esteem, Your obedient humble Servant, james hutton. [PS]—I was married 34 years ago, by recommendation of ..."

3. The Writings of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin (1906)
"I think it is Ariosto who says, that 1 Thus in Sparks; the passage in brackets is not found in the draft in APS — ED. 1 james hutton (1715-1795) was the son ..."

4. Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century: Comprizing Biographical by John Nichols, Samuel Bentley (1812)
"james hutton, who in the early part of his life had been a Book-r seller, was for many years Secretary to the Society of Moravians. ..."

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