Definition of Java sparrow

1. Noun. Small finch-like Indonesian weaverbird that frequents rice fields.

Exact synonyms: Java Finch, Padda Oryzivora, Ricebird
Generic synonyms: Weaver, Weaver Finch, Weaverbird
Group relationships: Genus Padda, Padda

Definition of Java sparrow

1. Noun. (ornithology) A species of finch ''Padda oryzivora'', native of Java, but very commonly kept as a cage bird. ¹

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Literary usage of Java sparrow

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Standard Library of Natural History: Embracing Living Animals of the by Charles John Cornish (1908)
"... java sparrow, GRASS-FINCHES, MUNIAS, and so on, all of which are embraced under the general title of WEAVER-BIRDS, a name bestowed on account of their ..."

2. The Minstrelsy of the Woods; Or, Sketches and Songs Connected with the by S. Waring (1832)
"The java sparrow. THE habits of this bird seem little known, except as they are exhibited in a state of captivity. He is often brought to our coasts from ..."

3. Library of Natural History by Richard Lydekker (1901)
"The java sparrow is also kn >wn in Africa, but as an introduced bird, and in Zanzibar, Mauritius, and Reunion, just as it has become wild in parts of India, ..."

4. The Bird Fancier's Companion: Or, Natural History of Cage Birds; Their Food by Charles Reiche (1871)
"In their wild state, their food consists of insects and berries ; caged they require the same food as the Mocking Bird. THE java sparrow, OR RICE BIRD. ..."

5. Ornithological & Other Oddities by Frank Finn (1907)
"As an ornament to the buildings about which he breeds in cracks and crevices, the java sparrow is a great success, and his sweet liquid chirp is much more ..."

6. Orr's Circle of the Sciences: A Series of Treatires on the Principles of by Richard Owen, Wm S Orr, John Radford Young, Alexander Jardine, Robert Gordon Latham, Edward Smith, William Sweetland Dallas (1855)
"The java sparrow is a considerably larger bird than the preceding, and of a delicate bluish colour, with tho top of the head black, the cheeks and the bill ..."

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