Definition of Jelly egg

1. Noun. Sugar-glazed jellied candy.

Exact synonyms: Jelly Bean
Generic synonyms: Candy, Confect

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Literary usage of Jelly egg

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Dietetics; Or, Food in Health and Disease by William Tibbles (1914)
"Junket, milk jelly, egg custard, egg-snow, egg souffle, whipped cream, etc., should be sweetened with saccharin. Eggs may be given in any form known to the ..."

2. Catering for Two: Comfort and Economy for Small Households by Alice Louise James (1898)
"Grape jelly. Egg salad with greens. Crackers. Cheese. Roly-poly peach pudding. Egg sauce. Tea or coffee. Caramel jelly. Alternative: Round steak (fried). ..."

3. Kindergarten Review (1902)
"And with what joy the first tadpole is greeted, when it has wriggled and squirmed enough to free itself from its inclosing jelly egg! ..."

4. George Hamilton Perkins, Commodore, U. S. N.: His Life and Letters by Carroll Storrs Alden (1914)
"... the soles of white pigeons' feet, wild ducks in thorn-apple jelly, egg-balls, lotus seed soup, roast chicken, fruit and vegetables, Mongolian mushrooms, ..."

5. Miss Beecher's Housekeeper and Healthkeeper: Containing Five Hundred Recipes by Catharine Esther Beecher (1874)
"... to Sirup—Sassafras Jelly—Egg-tea, Egg-coffee, and Egg-milk—Oat-meal Gruel—Pearl Barley-water—Cream-tartar Beverage—Rennet Whey—A fever Drink—Food, etc., ..."

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