Definition of Jointress

1. n. A woman who has a jointure.

Definition of Jointress

1. Noun. A widow who has a jointure ¹

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Definition of Jointress

1. [n -ES]

Medical Definition of Jointress

1. A woman who has a jointure. Alternative forms: jointuress. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Jointress

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Institutes of American Law by John Bouvier (1854)
"The interest which, at law, the jointress has in her jointure cannot be for less than ... (a) A jointress may grant leases for years or for her own life. ..."

2. A Digest of the Laws of England Respecting Real Property by William Cruise (1824)
"A jointress is deemed a Purchaser. 4. Though the Settlement be unequal. 7. ... SECTION I. that the Lands are ej a certain Value. A jointress is A ..."

3. Practical Forms of Agreements Relating to Sales and Purchases by Henry Moore (1884)
"(a jointress and mortgagor and mortgagee). WHEREAS by an indenture, bearing date, &c., and made &c. (being a settlement made prior to and in contemplation ..."

4. Key and Elphinstone's Compendium of Precedents in Conveyancing by Thomas Key, Howard Warburton Elphinstone (1899)
"DEED of CONSENT Ly jointress under a prior settlement PREC-XL to ENABLE her charge to ... The charge will be over-reached in equity, and the jointress will ..."

5. A Compendium of Precedents in Conveyancing: Comprising the Forms Required in by Thomas Key (1883)
"PARTIES, A., surviving trustee of settlement, 1; B., tenant for life, 2; C., widow, jointress, 3; D., trustee of jointure term, 4(c); E., ..."

6. A Treatise on the Law of Mortgages by John Joseph Powell, Thomas Coventry (1826)
"And it was determined that it should ; for, if no recovery had been, there could have been no jointure, and the jointress could not have avoided the ..."

7. The Reports of the Most Learned Sir Edmund Saunders, Knt: Of Several by Great Britain Court of King's Bench, Edmund Saunders, John Williams (1845)
"... and then A. died, and the jointress entered and continued seised down to the 1799, when the tenant of A.'a farm diverted the water of the river from the ..."

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