Definition of Juice up

1. Verb. Make more interesting or lively. "Pep up your paper"

Exact synonyms: Ginger Up, Jazz Up, Pep Up
Generic synonyms: Animate, Enliven, Invigorate, Liven, Liven Up

Definition of Juice up

1. Verb. (idiomatic informal) to charge, to charge up ¹

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Literary usage of Juice up

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Phytopathology by American Phytopathological Society (1917)
"... the original juice up to about ten to one, either in salt solution or water. In some cases the solution was then titrated and brought tu the neutral ..."

2. Knight's American Mechanical Dictionary: A Description of Tools, Instruments by Edward Henry Knight (1876)
"When this is sufficiently full, the supply ยกя cut off, and steam admitted through a pipe, forcing the juice up into the purifiers rf, six in number These ..."

3. Chemical Technology: Or, Chemistry, Applied to the Arts and to Manufactures by Friedrich Knapp, Edmund Ronalds, Thomas Richardson (1851)
"It is charged through the pipe and cock B. C is the pipe for supplying the steam that is to force the juice up the pipe D to its destination ; E is an ..."

4. The Medico-chirurgical Review by James Johnson, Henry James Johnson (1827)
"The nurse had passed more than a pint of lime-juice up the rectum, with as much facility as into a funnel. 27th. Is sinking rapidly, and prays for death. ..."

5. Beet-sugar Manufacture and Refining by Lewis Sharpe Ware (1907)
"The pump, J", continues to force the juice up to the top of 777, until the juice becomes a syrup of a density determined upon in advance. ..."

6. The Manufacture of Sugar from the Cane and Beet by Thomas Hawkins Percy Heriot (1920)
"In the former method the gas merely dissolves in the juice up to the limit of its solubility, and the resulting acidity limits the quantity of lime-cream ..."

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