Definition of Kekule formula

1. Noun. A closed chain of 6 carbon atoms with hydrogen atoms attached.

Exact synonyms: Benzene Formula, Benzene Nucleus, Benzene Ring
Generic synonyms: Benzene, Benzine, Benzol

Definition of Kekule formula

1. Noun. (organic chemistry) A skeletal formula, especially a schematic representation of benzene as a hexagon made up of alternating single and double lines that represent alternating single bond single and double bonds ¹

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Literary usage of Kekule formula

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Textbook of Organic Chemistry by Joseph Scudder Chamberlain (1921)
"This formula, as above represented, was devised by August Kekule in 1865 and therefore is known and spoken of as the kekule formula or the Kekule Theory, ..."

2. Organic Chemistry for Advanced Students by Julius Berend Cohen (1918)
"... which are readily oxidised by permanganate, the kekule formula is retained. ' The benzene nucleus,' he sa}Ts, ' can exist in two forms which can be ..."

3. Victor Von Richter's Organic Chemistry; Or, Chemistry of the Carbon by Victor von Richter, Richard Anschütz, Georg Schroeter (1900)
"Bam- birger viewed the normal diazo-bodies as derivatives of the real diazonium hydroxide, C,Hj\(OH): N, and left the kekule formula, ..."

4. Thermochemistry by Julius Thomsen (1908)
"According to the kekule formula the molecule of thiophene, ... the observed and theoretical values, which shows that the Kekule" formula must be rejected. ..."

5. A New Era in Chemistry: Some of the More Important Developments in General by Harry Clary Jones (1913)
"The Kekule" formula was extremely useful in accounting for the facts then known, and in suggesting new lines of work; but like the periodic system probably ..."

6. Organic Chemistry for Advanced Students by Julius Berend Cohen (1913)
"... benzene presents a structure which does not accord with the kekule formula. ... the kekule formula can be abandoned on this ground.1 In the first place, ..."

7. Principles of Pharmacy by Henry Vinecome Arny (1917)
"And, after all the arguments are weighed, the time-honored Kekule' formula seems the most satisfactory. Benzene is what is commercially called benzol, ..."

8. Stereochemistry by Alfred Walter Stewart (1907)
"58. linking six tetrahedra together in the manner indicated in the ordinary Kekule' formula. It is evident that in this form the space formula suffers from ..."

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