Definition of Kick out

1. Verb. Force to leave or move out. "He was expelled from his native country"

2. Verb. Remove from a position or office. "The chairman was ousted after he misappropriated funds"
Exact synonyms: Boot Out, Drum Out, Expel, Oust, Throw Out
Specialized synonyms: Excommunicate, Depose, Force Out
Generic synonyms: Remove
Derivative terms: Expulsion, Ouster, Ousting

Definition of Kick out

1. Verb. (idiomatic) To eject, throw out, or forcefully remove (someone or something). ¹

2. Verb. (idiomatic) To stop, stall, or disconnect suddenly. ¹

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Literary usage of Kick out

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Glossary: Or, Collection of Words, Phrases, Names, and Allusions to by Robert Nares (1859)
"To kick out strongly; generally as an appropriate term for the kicking of horses. Doubtless a mere substitution for jerk, by the common change of j to y. ..."

2. The Encyclopaedia of Sport by Frederick George Aflalo, Hedley Peek (1897)
"(A.) The kick-out when the hall has gone behind. ... kick out or Drop out—[See RULE 2 (R.).] League System—The practice of selecting a definite number of ..."

3. The Tribune Book of Open-air Sports by Ottmar Mergenthaler, Henry Hall (1887)
"If the touch-down is in the player's own goal, he must send the ball by a "kick-out." If any player, guarding his own goal, receives the ball from his own ..."

4. Football for Player and Spectator: By Fielding H. Yost . . by Fielding Harris Yost (1905)
"(c) A Kick-out is a drop-kick, place-kick or punt made by a player of the side ... When kicking out from the ten or twenty-five-yard line on a kick-out, ..."

5. The Young Folk's Cyclopædia of Games and Sports by John Denison Champlin, Arthur Elmore Bostwick (1890)
"(c) Time shall not be called for the end of a half until the ball is dead, and in case of a touchdown, the try-at-goal shall be allowed. kick-out, ..."

6. Athletics and Football by Montague Shearman (1887)
"When goals have been changed at half-time, the side which did not kick off at the commencement of the game shall then kick off. 38. kick out is a drop ..."

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