Definition of Killadars

1. killadar [n] - See also: killadar

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Literary usage of Killadars

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Collection of Treaties, Engagements, and Sanads Relating to India and by India Foreign and Political Dept (1892)
"If they cannot sell their goods at the places allowed them, and they choose to carry them inland, they have full liberty to do so, and our killadars, etc., ..."

2. The History of the British Empire in India by Edward Thornton (1843)
"... and of violating the treaty which had been formed with the British power. " 9. It is thus evident that these killadars, among whom was that of ..."

3. The Dispatches of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington, K. G. During His by Arthur Wellesley Wellington (1834)
"But as no attention has been paid, indeed no answer has been returned to letters which I addressed above a fortnight ago to this and other killadars, ..."

4. The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Miscellany (1829)
"The killadars of the first class will be admitted to the third class of ... The killadars will be permitted to reside at the fort to which they arc ..."

5. A Narrative of the Political and Military Transactions of British India by Henry Thoby Prinsep (1820)
"The first suspicion entertained by Mr. Jenkins of the existence of these designs was excited by the obstinate refusal of the killadars and garrisons to ..."

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