Definition of King nut hickory

1. Noun. Hickory of the eastern United States resembling the shagbark but having a much larger nut.

Exact synonyms: Big Shagbark, Big Shellbark, Big Shellbark Hickory, Carya Laciniosa, King Nut
Terms within: Hickory Nut
Group relationships: Carya, Genus Carya
Generic synonyms: Hickory, Hickory Tree

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Literary usage of King nut hickory

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Leaf Key to the Trees, of the Northern States and Canada, and a Botanical by Romeyn Beck Hough (1910)
"... bark shaggy with long strips; nut very large, compressed KING-NUT HICKORY (B. laciniosa). f5 7-11, lanceolate to narrow obovate, the lower ones somewhat ..."

2. Science of Plant Life: A High School Botany Treating of the Plant and Its by Edgar Nelson Transeau (1921)
"... the leaflets fall first and the petioles later. In the king-nut hickory the petiole remains attached to the tree through the following year (Fig. 42). ..."

3. Camp Craft: Modern Practice and Equipment by Warren Hastings Miller (1915)
"... and the best fire for it is a cross grid of split hardwoods, such as maple, king- nut hickory, chestnut, and black-jack oaks, etc. ..."

4. The Annual American Catalog, 1900-1909 (1910)
"12°, oo с. - Holt. Big brother of Sabin Street. Thurston. Mrs. IT *$t net. Réveil. Big John Baldwin. Vance, WJ t$i.5o. Holt. Big shellbark: king-nut hickory ..."

5. Report of the State Board of Forestry and of the State Park Committee of the by Indiana State Board of Forestry (1906)
"(King-nut Hickory.) Diameter of specimen, 28 inches. Average height, 80 feet. Maximum height, 120 feet; diameter, 4 feet. Wood strong, tough; color darker ..."

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