Definition of Kingship

1. Noun. The dignity or rank or position of a king.

Generic synonyms: Rank
Derivative terms: King

Definition of Kingship

1. n. The state, office, or dignity of a king; royalty.

Definition of Kingship

1. Noun. The dignity, rank or office of a king; the state of being a king. ¹

2. Noun. A monarchy. ¹

3. Noun. The territory or dominion of a king; a kingdom. ¹

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Definition of Kingship

1. the power or position of a king [n -S]

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Literary usage of Kingship

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The History of the Norman Conquest of England: Its Causes and Its Results by Edward Augustus Freeman (1877)
"But English kingship, like the other main features of the English polity, may be said to ... Origin of the Old-English kingship. What then was the nature, ..."

2. The Origin and Growth of the English Constitution: An Historical Treatise by Hannis Taylor (1898)
"In the growth of kingship is involved all the elements of constitutional life. The comi- tatus. not his own peace, but the national peace, and executed ..."

3. English Constitutional History from the Teutonic Conquest to the Present Time by Thomas Pitt Taswell-Langmead (1905)
"I. kingship since the Revolution. Legal prerogatives of the Crown untouched at the Revolution, CHAPTER XVII. ^PROGRESS OF THE CONSTITUTION SINCE THE ..."

4. The history of France, tr. by R. Black. (Vol. 6-8 ed. by madame de Witt). by François Pierre G. Guizot (1872)
"THE kingship IN FRANCE. HAT the kingship occupied an important place and ... At the first glance, two facts strike us in the history of the kingship in ..."

5. The Theory of State by Johann Caspar Bluntschli (1895)
"I. FAMILY kingship AMONG THE GREEKS AND GERMANS. character- THE conception of kingship among the tribes and states Gr'«k°aSr y of early Greece and Germany ..."

6. The History of France from the Earliest Times to 1848 by Guizot (François), Witt (Henriette Elizabeth), Robert Black (1884)
"THE kingship IN FRANCK. THAT the kingship occupied an important place and played an important part in the history of France is an evident and universally ..."

7. The Reign of William Rufus and the Accession of Henry the First by Edward Augustus Freeman (1882)
"And with the kingship of the Norman all was accepted which was immediately implied in the kingship ... b"-8 Norman was to change into an English kingship. ..."

8. The Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences and General (1890)
"The institution of kingship came in gradually among the Teutonic nations, ... In the time of Tacitus, kingship was clearly far from universal. ..."

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