Definition of Kiss of life

1. Noun. An emergency procedure consisting of external cardiac massage and artificial respiration; the first treatment for a person who has collapsed and has no pulse and has stopped breathing; attempts to restore circulation of the blood and prevent death or brain damage due to lack of oxygen.

Definition of Kiss of life

1. Noun. (idiomatic UK) Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. ¹

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Literary usage of Kiss of life

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The English Catalogue of Booksby Sampson Low by Sampson Low (1882)
"... (H.) Kiss of Life & the Kiss of Death: Serm. on Princess Alice, 12mo, 3d Stock 1879 Mankind: Their Origin and Destiny, by an MA of Oxford, 8vo, ..."

2. The Art of the Exposition: Personal Impressions of the Architecture by Eugen Neuhaus (1915)
"... while successively come the Awakening, the Ecstatic Joy of Being—or it may be the Realization of Living; the Kiss of Life, with the human pair offering ..."

3. The Jewel City: Its Planning and Achievement; Its Architecture, Sculpture by Ben Macomber (1915)
"... the Joy of Being, finally, the Kiss of Life, with the human pair offering their children, representing the beginnings of fecundity. On the east side, ..."

4. An Art-lover's Guide to the Exposition: Explanations of the Architecture Sheldon Cheney by Sheldon Cheney (1915)
"The adjoining two figures represent the kiss of life or of love, and the woman is holding forth to the earth the children created of that love. ..."

5. The Poetical Works of Gerald Massey by Gerald Massey (1861)
"O kiss of life ! that oped our Eden-world ! The harvest of an age's wealth of bliss In that first kiss was ..."

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