Definition of Kivas

1. Noun. (plural of kiva) ¹

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Definition of Kivas

1. kiva [n] - See also: kiva

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Literary usage of Kivas

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Antiquities of the Mesa Verde National Park, Cliff Palace by Jesse Walter Fewkes (1911)
"КI VAS There are in Cliff Palace 23 ceremonial rooms that may be called kivas." These consist of two types: (1) generally circular or cylindrical ..."

2. Hopi Katcinas Drawn by Native Artists by Jesse Walter Fewkes (1903)
"DANCES IN THE kivas On every night from the opening to the cbse of the festival there were dances, unmasked or masked, in all the kivas of the East mesa. ..."

3. The Encyclopedia Americana: A Library of Universal Knowledge (1919)
"Some kivas were quite large; and some of those in use in prehistoric times ... He is also the authority for the statement that some of the kivas that he had ..."

4. American Anthropologist by American Anthropological Association (1902)
"In a way we may liken these rooms to kivas, but in their use as ceremonial chambers they probably antedated the latter. In early times, while secret rites ..."

5. Handbook of Canada by Robert Ramsay Wright, James Mavor (1897)
"BY kivas TULLY, CE, PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT FOR ONTARIO. AT the time of Confederation, 1st July 1867, the only buildings which belonged to the Province of ..."

6. Reports of the Superintendent of the Mesa Verde National Park by United States Dept. of the Interior, United States Superintendent of Mesa Verde National Park (1908)
"Spruce Tree House has eight kivas. seven of which are indicated by circles in ... These kivas are circular in form, subterranean in position, ..."

7. Preliminary Report on a Visit to the Navaho National Monument, Arizona by Jesse Walter Fewkes (1911)
"dant, and it appears that somewhere in this region is a line of demarcation between ruins with circular kivas and those with rectangular kivas. ..."

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