Definition of Knockings

1. n. pl. Large lumps picked out of the sieve, in dressing ore.

Definition of Knockings

1. Noun. (plural of knocking) ¹

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Definition of Knockings

1. knocking [n] - See also: knocking

Medical Definition of Knockings

1. Large lumps picked out of the sieve, in dressing ore. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Knockings

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Our First Century: Being a Popular Descriptive Portraiture of the One by Richard Miller Devens (1876)
"knockings Accompany Them.—New Forms of "Manifestations/'—Many Mediums Spring Up—Things Strange and Startling.—Universal Wonder Excited. ..."

2. American Progress: Or, The Great Events of the Greatest Century, Including by Richard Miller Devens (1892)
"SPIRITUAL knockings AND TABLE-TIPPINGS.—1847. Familiar Intercourse Claimed to be Opened between Human and Disembodied Beings. ..."

3. The Rag-bag: A Collection of Ephemera by Nathaniel Parker Willis (1855)
"GHOST-knockings. . - THE damage to the renting of a house by the knowledge that there have been mysterious noises heard in it, and the unwillingness of most ..."

4. The Life of Horace Greeley: Editor of "The New-York Tribune", from His Birth by James Parton (1872)
"Accessions to the corps—The course of the Tribune—Horace Greeley in Ohio—The Rochester knockings—The mediums at Mr. Greeley's house—Jenny I.ind goes to see ..."

5. A Laconic Manual and Brief Remarker: Containing Over a Thousand Subjects by Charles Simmons (1852)
"knockings, SPIRITUAL. Ed. These knockings have knocked some pretty strong, but visionary minds, from the balance of reason. They are one of the latest ..."

6. A Biography of the Brothers Davenport: With Some Account of the Physical and by Thomas Low Nichols (1864)
"The Rochester knockings—First Seance of the Davenport Family — Great Excitement ... The knockings occurred in a family of a mother and three daughters, ..."

7. Miscellanies Upon Various Subjects by John Aubrey, Thomas Browne (1890)
"knockings. BAXTER'S Certainty of the World of Spirits. " A gentleman, formerly seemingly " pious, of late years hath fallen into the sin " of drunkenness ..."

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