Definition of Knossos

1. Noun. An ancient town on Crete where Bronze Age culture flourished from about 2000 BC to 1400 BC.

Exact synonyms: Cnossos, Cnossus
Generic synonyms: Town

Definition of Knossos

1. Proper noun. An archaeological site on the island of Crete. ¹

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Literary usage of Knossos

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Man by Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (1901)
"In 1899 the late Director of the School, Mr. DG Hogarth, excavated a series of prehistoric houses in the lower town of knossos. ..."

2. The Prepalatial Cemeteries at Mochlos and Gournia and the House Tombs of by Jeffrey S. Soles (1992)
"86 knossos 17. knossos, THE TEMPLE TOMB (Fig. 63) Evans, PM IV, pp. ... 60-65; M. Popham, The Destruction of the Palace at knossos: Pottery of the Late ..."

3. Report of the Annual Meeting (1907)
"knossos, Queen's Megaron, from upper terrace, looking NB 2267. ... knossos, gallery with grooves for partitions. 2269. knossos, N. gateway, looking SW 2270. ..."

4. The Story of World Progress by Willis Mason West (1922)
"Remains at knossos of 2200 BC " The palace of Minos the next thousand years its ... At knossos, MOUTH OF a palace, built about 2200 BC, has been unearthed, ..."

5. The Quarterly Review by William Gifford, John Taylor Coleridge, John Gibson Lockhart, Whitwell Elwin, William Macpherson, William Smith, John Murray, George Walter Prothero, Rowland Edmund Prothero Ernle (1904)
"THE PALACE OF knossos. 1. The Annual of the British School at Athens. ... The Pottery of knossos. By D. Mackenzie. Journal of Hellenic Studies, xxm, ..."

6. A Lm Ia Ceramic Kiln in South-Central Crete: Function and Pottery Production by Joseph W. Shaw (2001)
"PROPOSED SYNCHRONIZATION OF LM IA STAGES AT KOMMOS, knossos, ... The proposed synchronisms between the LM IA stages of Kommos and knossos are summarized in ..."

7. Eastern Crete by Jonnie Godfrey, Elizabeth Karslake (2003)
"You may wish to use the Hersonisos bypass road for this tour. Plan on being out for most of the day, if you want to see knossos, the museum of Iraklion and ..."

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