Definition of Know-it-all

1. Noun. Someone who thinks he knows everything and refuses to accept advice or information from others.

Exact synonyms: Know-all
Language type: Colloquialism
Generic synonyms: Egoist, Egotist, Swellhead

Definition of Know-it-all

1. Noun. (pejorative) Someone who obnoxiously claims to be knowledgeable on a subject. ¹

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Literary usage of Know-it-all

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Letters of Celia Thaxter by Celia Thaxter (1895)
"with these eyes, in the old familiar places, in the old way. Oh, I feel it so deeply myself, so deeply and so sadly, and what must you feel! I know it all, ..."

2. The Fortnightly Review (1865)
"Now you know it all ;—all ;—all,— though doubtless your informant has made a better story ... But no ;—you do not know it all. No one can ever know it all. ..."

3. He Knew He was Right by Anthony Trollope (1869)
"I wonder whether you will ever know it all." " Don'tI know it all now ?" " I suppose you do, nearly. There is mighty little of a secret in it, ..."

4. Southern Literary Messenger by Carnegie-Mellon University, School of Computer Science (1839)
"I know 'it all. Isabella Méndez knows less of your heart than I do." Resentment for this violation of her privacy, effected at once in the breast of ..."

5. The Local Courts' and Municipal GazetteLaw reports, digests, etc (1868)
"those who know it all, a few in each county, would not be expected to attend. I feel satisfied that such meetings would result in much good even to the ..."

6. Good Words by Norman Macleod (1882)
"I know it all." " The longer he is kept in the dark the deeper will be the wound. Of such a man it is impossible to say what he suspects. ..."

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