Definition of Labor-intensive

1. Adjective. Requiring a large expenditure of labor but not much capital. "Cottage industries are labor intensive"

Exact synonyms: Labour-intensive
Similar to: Effortful

Definition of Labor-intensive

1. Adjective. Requiring a great deal of work, especially physical and manual effort. ¹

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Literary usage of Labor-intensive

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Employment for Poverty Reduction and Food Security by Joachim Von Braun (1995)
"Regular labor-intensive public works programs like the one in Botswana are ... This review focuses on the link between labor-intensive public works and ..."

2. Inflation and Growth in China: Proceedings of a Conference Held in Beijing edited by Manuel Guitian, Robert Mundell (1998)
"The import share for labor-intensive products increased first and then ... An increasing share of exports of labor-intensive products compared with a ..."

3. The Effects on Income Distribution and Nutrition of Alternative Rice Price by Prasarn Trairatvorakul (1984)
"The first hypothesis—that rice production is labor intensive—depends on what ... In general, rice production is not more labor intensive than other crops. ..."

4. Horticultural Exports of Developing Countries: Past Performance, Future by Nurul Islam (1990)
"In Guatemala, vegetables are about 3 times more labor-intensive than maize or barley.35 ... suitable for labor-intensive harvesting methods such as picking. ..."

5. Rice Market Liberalization and Poverty in Viet Nam by Nicholas Minot, Francesco Goletti (2000)
"Land preparation in the Red River Delta is more labor-intensive because the use of rented two-wheeled tractors is less common than in the south, ..."

6. Achieving Food Security in Southern Africa: New Challenges, New Opportunities by Lawrence James Haddad (1997)
"The initial pilot public works program in the Northern Province was capital, rather than labor, intensive. The total amount of the budget allocated to labor ..."

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