Definition of Lactuca sativa

1. Noun. Annual or perennial garden plant having succulent leaves used in salads; widely grown.

Exact synonyms: Common Lettuce, Garden Lettuce
Terms within: Lettuce
Group relationships: Genus Lactuca, Lactuca
Generic synonyms: Lettuce

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Literary usage of Lactuca sativa

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The British Flora Medica: A History of the Medicinal Plants of Great Britain by Benjamin Herbert Barton, Thomas Castle (1877)
"lactuca sativa, L. GARDEN LETTUCE. Nat. Ord. COMPOSITA. F. LAITUE. G. LATTICH. Description.—Root annual, tapering, fibrous. Stem erect, smooth, cylindrical, ..."

2. Medical Botany; Or, Illustrations and Descriptions of the Medicinal Plants John Stephenson, James Morss Churchill, Gilbert Thomas Burnett by John Stephenson, James Morss Churchill, Gilbert Thomas Burnett (1834)
"And hence it is, that the cultivated lactuca sativa has ... while from the lactuca sativa he only procured 17- Besides the lactuca sativa, ..."

3. On Poisons in Relation to Medical Jurisprudence and Medicine by Alfred Swaine Taylor (1875)
"The Lactuca virosa yields three times as much as the lactuca sativa; and half a grain of it, according to Dr. Fisher, is equivalent to two or three grains ..."

4. A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke (1902)
"(The symptoms in the Schema marked " (s)" were produced by Paris Lactucarium prepared from lactuca sativa. American Lactucarium is prepared from L. elongata ..."

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