Definition of Lamb curry

1. Noun. Curry made with lamb.

Generic synonyms: Curry

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Literary usage of Lamb curry

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Chafing-dish Recipes by Gesine Lemcke, Mrs Gesine Knubel Lemcke (1896)
"lamb curry.—Cut some cold cooked lamb in inch-sized pieces, then measure; there should be 1 pint; fry 1% tablespoonful chopped onion in 1 tablespoonful ..."

2. The Stag Cook Book: Written for Men by Men by Carroll Mac Sheridan (1922)
"... Guy Bates Post lamb curry A LA "OMAR, THE TENTMAKER" i onion (diced) i cup of stock YZ cup of rice water 1 cup of potatoes, which have been previously ..."

3. The Modern Housewife: Or, Ménagère. Comprising Nearly One Thousand Receipts by Alexis Soyer (1851)
"... two quarts of water, to simmer for about two hours, when proceed precisely as directed in the last. 553. BREAST OF lamb curry is made very similar to ..."

4. The Modern Housewife, Or Ménager̀e: Comprising Nearly One Thousand Receipts by Alexis Soyer (1850)
"Breast of lamb curry is made very similar to the preceding, and is considered a great treat to those who are fond of curries. Curry paste may be used to ..."

5. Good Things to Eat, as Suggested by Rufus: A Collection of Practical Recipes by Rufus Estes (1911)
"... lamb curry—Cut the meat into small pieces, (and the inferior portions, such as the neck can be utilized in a curry) ..."

6. Western Canada by Paul-Eric Dumontier, Jennifer McMorran, Pierre Longnus (2004)
"The house specialty is a great Moroccan molasses lamb curry, and if it's offered the night you're there, make sure to go for a bowl of the hearty and spicy ..."

7. Trade Tests: The Scientific Measurement of Trade Proficiency by James Crosby Chapman, Daisy Rogers Chapman (1921)
"What is the color of the powder used in making lamb curry? Brown (yellow). 7. What do you put in soup stock to make it clear? Egg (egg-shell). 8. ..."

8. Chinese and English Cook Book =: Hua Ying Tzu Chʻu Shu by Chong Jan & Co. (San Francisco, Calif.) (1913)
"Cold Beef, Salad 8. Cold Roust Lamb,Mint Sauce U. Baked Pork and Beans ... 10. lamb curry 11. Blanc Mange with Jelly ... 12. Hot Rolls 13. ..."

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