Definition of Lambaste

1. Verb. Beat with a cane. "They want to lambaste the prisoners "

Exact synonyms: Cane, Flog, Lambast
Generic synonyms: Beat, Beat Up, Work Over
Derivative terms: Cane, Flogging

2. Verb. Censure severely or angrily. "Sam cannot lambaste Sue "; "The customer dressed down the waiter for bringing cold soup"

Definition of Lambaste

1. v. t. To beat severely.

Definition of Lambaste

1. Verb. To scold, reprimand or criticize harshly. ¹

2. Verb. (dated) To give a thrashing to; to beat severely. ¹

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Definition of Lambaste

1. to beat severely [v -BASTED, -BASTING, -BASTES]

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Literary usage of Lambaste

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Glossary of Obscure Words and Phrases in the Writings of Shakspeare and by Charles Mackay (1887)
"lambaste, according to Bart- lett's Dictionary of Americanisms, ... Baste in lambaste, is probably from the Keltic bos, the open palm ; whence lambaste ..."

2. American English by Gilbert Milligan Tucker (1921)
"lambaste—To beat. "Stand off a while and see how I'll lambaste him."— Jones &• Davenant, Britannia Triumphans, 18 (1637). LANDSCAPIST—Painter of landscapes. ..."

3. Lincolnshire and the Danes by George Sidney Streatfeild (1884)
"lambaste = to beat ; LAMMING = a beating, thrashing. Icel. lemja, to beat, flog ; cf. also lama, to bruise, ... Can the suffix in lambaste be Icel. ..."

4. Viagens ethnographicas sul americanas: Argentina by Charmian London, Online Archive of California, Simoens da Silva (1921)
"When they cornered him, he went off on another tack, wherefore they'd overtake him and lambaste him again. Bierce, with biological and sociological concepts ..."

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