Definition of Language unit

1. Noun. One of the natural units into which linguistic messages can be analyzed.

Exact synonyms: Linguistic Unit
Specialized synonyms: Discourse, Word, Syllable, Lexeme, Morpheme, Formative, Name, Collocation, Phone, Sound, Speech Sound, Sign
Group relationships: String
Generic synonyms: Component, Component Part, Constituent, Part, Portion

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Literary usage of Language unit

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Indiana School Journal by Indiana State Teachers Association (1890)
"It then thinks the definition—A sentence is a language unit which symbolizes a thought. But a study of this process will show that there are here to be ..."

2. Educational Psychology by Edward Lee Thorndike (1913)
"In this way there is incidental practice of every language unit and of every language unit in its proper setting. (b) The curves of FIG. ..."

3. Educational Psychology by Daniel Starch (1919)
"In this way there is incidental practice of every language unit and of every language unit in its proper setting. " (b) The curves of Figure 38 show also, ..."

4. Teaching Children to Read by Paul Klapper (1916)
"A modern method of reading begins with a language unit that represents some idea ... Just what this language unit shall be is a source of much contention. ..."

5. Language Assessment and the National Qualifications Framework: Conference by Melissa Vieyra-King, Karen Calteaux (1996)
"Whatever language course is agreed upon as standard or norm of reference, the implication is that the level assigned to a language unit is not necessarily ..."

6. The Science of Discourse: A Rhetoric for High Schools and Colleges by Arnold Tompkins (1897)
"The trouble arises from catching up the wrong language unit ; or rather, from seizing the unity at the wrong point. We are accustomed to think of words as ..."

7. Systematic Methodology: Designed to Rationalize and Harmonize Teaching Processes by Andrew Thomas Smith (1900)
"... we should begin with the language unit which expresses a complete thought. Therefore, in teaching reading we should begin with the sentence. ..."

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