Definition of Latenesses

1. lateness [n] - See also: lateness

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Literary usage of Latenesses

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Economic Side of Works Management by John Christie Duncan (1911)
"3 card at the end of the week, two weeks, or half month, rds the total number of hours he was within the plant, all latenesses or irregular leaving are ..."

2. Journal of the American Oriental Society by American Oriental Society (1889)
"... and often spoken of, even in the Epic, and amid the pompous descriptions of ' iron walls' and other highly improbable latenesses. Such too is the caya, ..."

3. The Observatory (1898)
"The node's displacements are +52' and +66' for the two meteor-groups, entailing the corresponding latenesses of 21 hours and 2 6 hours on the two showers' ..."

4. The Human Factor in Industry by Lee Kaufer Frankel, Alexander Fleisher (1920)
"(c) Periodic summary of individual's pay roll: earnings (piecework), bonuses, latenesses, absences. 3. Records of ex-employes: individual records, ..."

5. Office Administration by John William Schulze (1919)
"All such latenesses are counted against the record of an employe unless they are reported on an irregular time- blank, giving the excuse, which blank must ..."

6. Commercial Education in Germany by Frederic Ernest Farrington (1914)
"going to and from school, and the probable decrease in the number of latenesses. On the other hand, the three session scheme has the advantage of frequency ..."

7. Proceedings by American Society for Engineering Education (1914)
"The same is true of inexcusable latenesses. A good teacher is one who has an unimpeached and deserved reputation for mental honesty, right living, ..."

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