Medical Definition of Lateral branches

1. Branches directed away from the midline, to the side. Nomina Anatomica lists lateral branches (ramus lasteralis/rami laterales) of the following: 1) anterior interventricular artery, ramus lateralis interventricularis anterioris arteriae coronariae sinistrae; 2) anterolateral central arteries, rami laterales arteriarum centralium anterolateralium; 3) dorsal primary rami of spinal nerves, rami laterales ramorum dorsalium nervorum cervicalium/thoracalium/lumbalium/sacralium; 4) left branch of portal vein, rami laterales rami sinistri venae portae hepatis; 5) left hepatic duct, ramus lateralis ductus hepatici sinistri; 6) middle lobe branch of right pulmonary artery, ramus lateralis ramorum lobarium medium arteriorum pulmonarium dextrum; 7) supraorbital nerve, ramus lateralis nervi supraorbitalis. Synonym: rami laterales. (05 Mar 2000)

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