Definition of Law degree

1. Noun. Degree conferred on someone who successfully completes law school.

Generic synonyms: Academic Degree, Degree
Specialized synonyms: Bachelor Of Laws, Llb, Llm, Master Of Laws

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Literary usage of Law degree

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Training for the Public Profession of the Law: Historical Development and by Alfred Zantzinger Reed (1921)
"... XV ESTABLISHMENT OF THE law degree TI ''HE assumption of responsibility for instruction in professional JL law by the colleges or universities naturally ..."

2. Journal of Proceedings and Addresses of the ... Annual Conferences by Association of American Universities (1911)
"Recent advances in law-school standards, either requiring a college degree as a prerequisite for a law degree or recognizing a previous college degree by ..."

3. American Law School Degrees by James Parker Hall (1907)
"The recommendation will soon be that a college degree be required as ь prerequisite to a law degree, and to this all the principal ..."

4. Annual Report of the American Bar Association: Including Proceedings of the by American Bar Association (1912)
"... or much more censurable than for a law school at this late day to confer a law degree upon the completion of a single year's study of the law. ..."

5. The Journal of Jurisprudence by Law Library Microform Consortium (1876)
"It would have been very easy and proper in concert with the universities to provide a law degree the possession whereof should not indeed be made at first ..."

6. Annual Report of the American Bar Association: Including Proceedings of the by American Bar Association (1909)
"Ai'ter he has taken an arts or any other degree, if he desires to study law with a view to taking a special law degree, the special law degree may be ..."

7. Virginia Law Books: Essays and Bibliographies by William Hamilton Bryson (2000)
"22 SL Trask, "In Celebration of the Bicentennial of America's First Bachelor of law degree Recipient, William Cabell, William & Mary LB 1793," Wm. & Mary ..."

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