Definition of Lazy daisy stitch

1. Noun. Long chain stitches arranged in flower patterns.

Generic synonyms: Chain Stitch

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Literary usage of Lazy daisy stitch

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Clothing for Women; Selection, Design, Construction: A Practical Manual for by Laura Irene Baldt (1916)
"... pull thread into place and repeat, being careful that each stitch is perpendicular and very close to FIG. 237.—lazy daisy stitch, the preceding one. ..."

2. Shelter and Clothing: A Textbook of the Household Arts by Helen Kinne, Anna Maria Cooley (1913)
"... The lazy daisy stitch can also be used in rows (see Figs. ... and lazy daisy stitch. Scalloping is often used for edges where a flat finish is desired. ..."

3. Sewing: Handicraft for Girls; a Graded Course for City and Rural Schools by Idabelle McGlauflin (1918)
"29—A PIN CUSHION—COUCHING AND LAZY-DAISY STITCH. ... Work the flowers in blue lazy-daisy stitch with a yellow French-knot center. 6. ..."

4. Dressmaking by Jane Fales (1917)
"... thread and a (A) Running stitch; (B) outline stitch; (C) chain-stitch; (D) wide chain-stitch; (£) magic chain-stitch; (F) lazy-daisy stitch short space. ..."

5. A Study of Rural School Conditions in Ohio: Legislative History, the One by Ohio Dept. of Education (1920)
"November — Hemstitching, crocheting, knitting, tatting, French knots, lazy daisy stitch. Articles — Towel, handkerchief, table runner, dresser or buffet ..."

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