Definition of Le chatelier principle

1. Noun. The principle that if any change is imposed on a system that is in equilibrium then the system tends to adjust to a new equilibrium counteracting the change.

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Literary usage of Le chatelier principle

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Permafrost: Second International Conference, July 13-28, 1973 : USSR by Frederick J. Sanger, Peter J. Hyde (1978)
"According to the Le Chatelier principle the secondary process of moisture transfer can be directed only toward a decrease in this effect. ..."

2. Chemical Abstracts by American Chemical Society (1916)
"Le С. replies to Colson's criticism of the application of the Le Chatelier principle to soins, as expressed by the equation i dC/C = (—500 dT/T1) p (Compt. ..."

3. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1883)
"... a bulky low-energy one and a dense high-energy one, and the straightforward application of the Le Chatelier principle, one can, by means of such a model ..."

4. Collected Papers (1922)
"while at the same time the system is stable towards H both when x = constant and also when x = x\, then the Le Chatelier principle holds. ..."

5. A System of Physical Chemistry by William Cudmore McCullagh Lewis, James Rice (1920)
"This is what one would expect on the Le Chatelier principle for the dissociation of water, since the extent of the dissociation is known to increase as the ..."

6. Transactions of the American Ceramic Society Containing the Papers and by American Ceramic Society (1905)
"Main, and Siemens & Halske, of Berlin, showed several styles of pyrometers on the Le Chatelier principle, and a self recording instrument on this principle ..."

7. The Nature of Solution by Harry Clary Jones, Ebenezer Emmet Reed (1917)
"Lagergren,1 from the Van't Hoff-le Chatelier principle, deduced the relation between the effect of pressure on solubility and the adsorption of the ..."

8. Crucibles of Hazard: Mega-Cities and Disasters in Transition by James K. Mitchell (1999)
"... that limit she disturbance of large systems that are based on the application or extension of the well-known le chatelier principle in chemistry. ..."

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