Definition of Lead carbonate

1. Noun. A poisonous white pigment that contains lead.

Exact synonyms: Ceruse, White Lead
Generic synonyms: Pigment

Medical Definition of Lead carbonate

1. A heavy white powder that is insoluble in water; occasionally, it is used to relieve irritation in dermatitis, but it is used largely in the manufacture of paint and in the arts and is thus productive of lead poisoning. Synonym: ceruse, white lead. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Lead carbonate

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Standard Methods of Chemical Analysis: A Manual of Analytical Methods and by Wilfred Welday Scott (1922)
"Frequently they contain lead sulphate and sometimes lead carbonate. A pure chrome yellow should contain only lead chromate and ..."

2. Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry: A Course of Laboratory and Classroom Study by Arthur Alphonzo Blanchard, Joseph Warren Phelan (1922)
"Stability of lead carbonate, (a) To a neutral lead nitrate solution add ... (6) Heat a little dry white lead carbonate in a test tube and note that it ..."

3. Victor Von Richter's Text-book of Inorganic Chemistry by Victor von Richter (1901)
"... acid and air upon the lead produced a basic acetate, which the carbon dioxide, evolved from the decaying manure, converted into basic lead carbonate. ..."

4. Handbook of Metallurgy by Carl Schnabel (1905)
"THE SMELTING OF lead carbonate lead carbonate gives off its carbon dioxide when heated to ... lead carbonate is however usually smelted in blast furnaces, ..."

5. The Chemical News and Journal of Industrial Science (1904)
"223 It was found that the same glycerides acted upon dry lead carbonate when raised ... When an excess of lead carbonate was used, the unchanged carbonate ..."

6. The Chemical News and Journal of Industrial Science (1905)
"The precipitated lead carbonate is allowed to subside and then washed, ... The lead carbonate is then allowed to drain and dry in a warm place till it ..."

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