Definition of Leading lady

1. Noun. Actress who plays the leading female role.

Generic synonyms: Actress

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Literary usage of Leading lady

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Encyclopedia Americana: A Library of Universal Knowledge (1918)
"In 1894 Mr. Bourchier married Miss Violet Vanbrugh, a talented actress, who has since been generally associated with him as leading lady. founder of genuine ..."

2. The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine (1911)
"Hall-tune plate engraved by R. Varley CHOOSING THE leading lady list of French's acting editions contains most of the plays that amateurs can use. ..."

3. Life on the Stage: My Personal Experiences and Recollections by Clara Morris (1901)
"... CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHTH I accept an Engagement with Mr. Macaulay for Cincinnati as leading lady—My Adieus to Cleveland—Mr. ..."

4. The Surgeon's Log: Being Impressions of the Far East by James Johnston Abraham (1911)
"... gentle art of shark-fishing : Prickly heat and the "leading lady " : The startling deshabille of the Dutch East Indian lady : An interview with a leper ..."

5. A Dictionary of the Drama: A Guide to the Plays, Play-wrights, Players, and by William Davenport Adams (1904)
"after her marriage played at Dublin (1780), obtaining popularity as Lucy in 'The Beggar's Opera;' succeeded Mrs. Siddons as "leading lady" at Bath, ..."

6. His Great Adventure by Robert Herrick (1913)
"THEY found the leading lady waiting for them on the darkened stage. She was dressed quite handsomely in her street costume, with the inevitable fur coat ..."

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