Definition of Leeuwenhoek

1. Noun. Dutch pioneer microscopist who was among the first to recognize cells in animals and who gave the first accurate descriptions of microbes and spermatozoa and blood corpuscles (1632-1723).

Medical Definition of Leeuwenhoek

1. Anton van, Dutch microscopist, 1632-1723. See: Leeuwenhoek's canals. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Leeuwenhoek

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Copepodologist's Cabinet: A Biographical and Bibliographical History by David M. Damkaer (2002)
"Antony van leeuwenhoek 24 October 1632-26 August 1723 Were it not for Blankaart, we would have much more to say about this period's premier observer of the ..."

2. The Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and General by Thomas Spencer Baynes (1888)
"These corpuscles, which had been previously discovered by Malpighi, were correctly described' by leeuwenhoek as flattened circular disks in man, ..."

3. Biology and Its Makers: With Portraits and Other Illustrations by William Albert Locy (1908)
"A new feature was introduced through the discovery, by leeuwenhoek, about 1677,* of the fertilizing filaments of eggs. Soon after, controversies began to ..."

4. Foods: Their Composition and Analysis by Alexander Wynter Blyth, Meredith Wynter Blyth (1903)
"Antony Van leeuwenhoek (b. 1632, d. 1723) was the first who in any philosophic ... leeuwenhoek seems to have been the first to discover the active principle ..."

5. A History of Science by Henry Smith Williams, Edward Huntington Williams (1904)
"This was the discovery of microbes, by Antonius von leeuwenhoek ... Von leeuwenhoek discovered that "in the white matter between his teeth" there were ..."

6. Public sanitation, and other papers: And Other Papers by Clement Adelbert Whiting (1916)
"Antony Van leeuwenhoek was born in the city of Delft, Holland, in the year 1632. ... Van leeuwenhoek was not a physician, but his work was so closely ..."

7. Principles of Microbiology: A Treatise on Bacterias Fungi and Protozoa by Veranus Alva Moore (1912)
"leeuwenhoek. A and F represent Bacillus buccalis maximus. ... After van leeuwenhoek. the study of these lower forms was given up, because of the difficulty ..."

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