Definition of Lemon curd

1. Noun. A conserve with a thick consistency; made with lemons and butter and eggs and sugar.

Definition of Lemon curd

1. Noun. A thick preserve made from lemons (juice and zest), egg yolk, butter and sugar ¹

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Literary usage of Lemon curd

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Destitute Gourmet by Sophie Gray (2002)
"... Crisps 78 Decadence Caramelised Pears 81 German Apple Tart 81 Perfect Profiteroles (Choux Pastry) 82 Meringues with Cream and Toasted Nuts 82 lemon curd ..."

2. My Favorite Receiptby Royal Baking Powder Company by Royal Baking Powder Company (1886)
"... Jelly 74 Lemon Cake, Layer 88, 89 Lemon Cream 18 Lemon Cheese-Cake 43 Lemon Cookies 66 lemon curd 45 Lemon Drink 116 Lemon Flapjacks 62 Lemon Jelly 44, ..."

3. Daytrips London by Earl Steinbicker (2003)
"... rice, & eggs Lager American-style beer Lancashire Hot Pot lamb, kidneys, potatoes, & onions in a casserole lemon curd preserves of lemon, eggs, butter, ..."

4. The Economics of Modern Cookery by M. M. Mallock (1900)
"... and when risen and faintly tinged with brown, fold over, enclosing within it a little warmed jam, golden syrup, lemon curd, etc., according to taste. ..."

5. Maritime Notes and Queries: A Record of Shipping Law and Usage (1900)
"... Bottled Table: Jellies, and lemon curd. Importers and manufacturers of Lemon, Orange, and Citron Peels, Candied or Drained. ..."

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