Definition of Leonidas

1. Noun. King of Sparta and hero of the battle of Thermopylae where he was killed by the Persians (died in 480 BC).

Generic synonyms: King, Male Monarch, Rex

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Literary usage of Leonidas

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Historians' History of the World: A Comprehensive Narrative of the Rise by Henry Smith Williams (1907)
"leonidas charged at the head of his troops, and after receiving a multitude of wounds, ... Diodorus Siculus tells us that leonidas, when he knew that he was ..."

2. The History of Greece by Connop Thirlwall (1855)
"leonidas, anticipating an unfavourable decision and a rigorous ... The new ephors immediately took leonidas under their protection, and impeached CHAP. ..."

3. Heroic Ballads: With Poems of War and Patriotism by David Henry Montgomery (1890)
"leonidas! no hand is near l Xerxes, king of Persia, invaded Greece with an almost countless host, in 480 BC leonidas, king of Sparta, with a small number of ..."

4. The Classics, Greek & Latin: The Most Celebrated Works of Hellenic and Roman by Marion Mills Miller (1910)
"leonidas, Spartan patriot, G. iii. 94; epigram on, by Philippus, 398; ... leonidas of Tarentum, Greek epigrammatist: epigrams by, G. iii. 375. ..."

5. Cases Selected from Those Heard and Determined in the Vice-admiralty Court by Québec (Province). Vice-Admiralty Court (1858)
"... off Point des Monts, in the river St. Lawrence, through the alleged negligence, malice, or want of skill of the persons on board of the leonidas. ..."

6. The Story of the Greeks by Hélène Adeline Guerber (1896)
"L. leonidas AT THERMOPYLAE. THE Persian army had come to the Pass of Thermopylae; and Xerxes, seeing that it was guarded by only a few men, ..."

7. A History of Greece: From the Earliest Times to the Roman Conquest, with by William Smith (1855)
"leonidas sent out with Three Hundred Spartans to defend the Pass of ... Heroic Death of leonidas and his Comrades. § 15. Monuments erected to their Honor. ..."

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