Definition of Lesotho

1. Noun. A landlocked constitutional monarchy in southern Africa; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1966.

Exact synonyms: Basutoland, Kingdom Of Lesotho
Generic synonyms: African Country, African Nation
Terms within: Capital Of Lesotho, Maseru
Group relationships: Africa
Member holonyms: Basotho, Sotho

Definition of Lesotho

1. Proper noun. A country in Southern Africa. Official name: Kingdom of Lesotho. ¹

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Medical Definition of Lesotho

1. A kingdom in southern africa, an enclave lying within the republic of south africa. Its capital is maseru. It was mostly uninhabited before 1800. In the early 19th century it had many disputes with the boers. First receiving british protection in 1843, it was annexed in 1868 and made part of cape colony in 1871. It became a british colony in 1884 and gained independence in 1966. Sotho is the name of the indigenous people, probably meaning black. The plural is basotho which gave the former name basutoland. (12 Dec 1998)

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Literary usage of Lesotho

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Landmine Monitor Report 2000: Toward a Mine-Free World by International Campaign to Ban Land Mines, International Campaign to Ban Landmines (2000)
"lesotho has not yet submitted its Article 7 transparency report, ... Mine Ban Policy The Kingdom of lesotho signed the Mine Ban Treaty on 4 December 1997 ..."

2. Vocational Education and Training in Southern Africa: A Comparative Study by Salim Akoojee, S. McGrath, Anthony Gewer (2005)
"lesotho has some other natural resources, including diamonds. ... The lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP), one of the largest infrastructure projects in ..."

3. Environmental Education, Ethics and Action in Southern Africa by Human Sciences Research Council, Johan Hattingh, Heila Lotz-sisitka, EEASA., EEASA (2002)
"lesotho's post-colonial context The socio-political reality in lesotho is characterised by ... Historically, lesotho shifted from a period of prosperity, ..."

4. Landmine Monitor Report 1999: Toward a Mine-free World by International Campaign to Ban Land Mines (1999)
"lesotho The Kingdom of lesotho signed the Mine Ban Treaty on 4 December 1997 and ... lesotho endorsed the Brussels Declaration and made a statement to the ..."

5. Trade And Structural Adjustment: Embracing Globalisation by OECD Staff (2005)
"lesotho: The clothing sector Introduction lesotho is a land-locked, LDC surrounded by ... This case study reviews the lesotho clothing sector and focuses on ..."

6. Landmine Monitor Report 2002: Toward a Mine-free World by International Campaign to Ban Landmines, Human Rights Watch (Organization). (2002)
"lesotho The Kingdom of lesotho signed the Mine Ban Treaty on 4 December 1997 and ratified it ... The treaty entered into force for lesotho on 1 June 1999. ..."

7. Agricultural Marketing Directory for U.S. & Africa Trade by Mary E. Lassanyi, Wayne Olson (1997)
"With about two million people, lesotho households continue to be mostly dependent ... The huge lesotho Highlands Water Project, funded by multilateral and ..."

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