Definition of Let

1. Noun. A brutal terrorist group active in Kashmir; fights against India with the goal of restoring Islamic rule of India. "Lashkar-e-Toiba has committed mass murders of civilian Hindus"

2. Verb. Make it possible through a specific action or lack of action for something to happen. "This will permit the rain to run off"
Exact synonyms: Allow, Permit
Specialized synonyms: Pass
Antonyms: Prevent

3. Noun. A serve that strikes the net before falling into the receiver's court; the ball must be served again.
Exact synonyms: Net Ball
Generic synonyms: Serve, Service

4. Verb. Actively cause something to happen. "I let it be known that I was not interested"
Generic synonyms: Cause, Get, Have, Induce, Make, Stimulate

5. Verb. Consent to, give permission. "They let him to write the letter"; "I cannot allow you to see your exam"

6. Verb. Cause to move; cause to be in a certain position or condition. "He got a girl into trouble"
Exact synonyms: Get, Have
Generic synonyms: Get, Make

7. Verb. Leave unchanged. "Let it be"
Generic synonyms: Leave, Leave Alone, Leave Behind

8. Verb. Grant use or occupation of under a term of contract. "They let the tourists their cars"; "I am leasing my country estate to some foreigners"
Exact synonyms: Lease, Rent
Generic synonyms: Give
Specialized synonyms: Sublease, Sublet
Derivative terms: Lease, Lease, Lease, Lessor, Letter, Rent, Renter
Also: Rent Out

Definition of Let

1. v. t. To retard; to hinder; to impede; to oppose.

2. n. A retarding; hindrance; obstacle; impediment; delay; -- common in the phrase without let or hindrance, but elsewhere archaic.

3. v. t. To leave; to relinquish; to abandon.

4. v. i. To forbear.

Definition of Let

1. Verb. (transitive) To allow to, not to prevent (+ infinitive, but usually without (term to)). ¹

2. Verb. (transitive) To allow the release of (a fluid). ¹

3. Verb. (transitive) To allow possession of (a property etc.) in exchange for rent. ¹

4. Verb. (transitive) (non-gloss definition Used to introduce an imperative in the first or third person.) ¹

5. Verb. (obsolete except with know) To cause (+ bare infinitive). ¹

6. Verb. (archaic) To hinder, prevent; to obstruct (someone or something). ¹

7. Verb. (obsolete) To prevent or obstruct (term to) do something, or (term that) something happen. ¹

8. Noun. An obstacle or hindrance. ¹

9. Noun. (context: tennis) The hindrance caused by the net during serve, only if the ball falls legally. ¹

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Definition of Let

1. to hinder [v LETTED, LETTING, LETS] - See also: hinder

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