Definition of Levator

1. Noun. A muscle that serves to lift some body part (as the eyelid or lip).

Generic synonyms: Muscle, Musculus

Definition of Levator

1. n. A muscle that serves to raise some part, as the lip or the eyelid.

Definition of Levator

1. Noun. (anatomy) lifting muscle ¹

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Definition of Levator

1. a muscle that raises an organ or part [n -ES or -S]

Medical Definition of Levator

1. 1. A muscle that serves to raise some part, as the lip or the eyelid. 2. A surgical instrument used to raise a depressed part of the skull. Origin: NL, fr. L. Levare to raise. See Lever. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Levator

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Anatomy, Descriptive and Surgical by Henry Gray (1901)
"The Pyramidalis nasi draws down the inner angle of the eyebrows and produces transverse wrinkles over the bridge of the nose. The levator labii superioris ..."

2. Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics by The American College of Surgeons, Franklin H. Martin Memorial Foundation (1921)
"The skin wound is closed vertically by interrupted silkworm-gut sutures or subcutaneously with chromic catgut. levator muscle is traced best by its tense ..."

3. The Journal of Anatomy and Physiology by Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland (1899)
"In point of fact, the levator ani does not exist in ungulates, ... As long ago as 1845, Straus-Durckheim pointed out that the levator ani of man ..."

4. The Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body by John Bell, Charles Bell (1829)
"The levator LABII SUPERIORIS PROPRIUS IS distinguished by the name of ... The levator proprius is often named musculus inci- sivus, because it arises from ..."

5. The Anatomy of the Human Body .. by John Bell, Charles Bell (1802)
"The levator I.ABII SUPERIORIS PROPRIUS, ... by the name of levator ... is called alfo levator COMMUNIS ..."

6. A Text Book of Anatomy, and Guide in Dissections: For the Use of Students of by Washington R. Handy (1854)
"Its function is to depress the upper lip and ala nasi, and antagonize the levator. levator anguli oris (musculus caninus) is seen by raising the levator ..."

7. Anatomy, Descriptive and Applied by Henry Gray (1913)
"The levator scapulae (levator anguli scapulae) (Fig. ... If the head be fixed, the levator scapulae raises the medial angle of the scapula; if the shoulder ..."

8. Text-book of Ophthalmology by Ernst Fuchs (1911)
"No sort of significance is to be attributed to them. 2. levator ... Paralysis of the levator palpebra superioris manifests itself by a drooping of the upper ..."

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