Definition of Library fine

1. Noun. Fine imposed by a library on books that overdue when returned.

Generic synonyms: Amercement, Fine, Mulct

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Literary usage of Library fine

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Catalogue of the Library of the Late Bishop John Fletcher Hurst: To be Sold by John Fletcher Hurst, Anderson Galleries, Inc (1904)
"SALE IN 1876 AS FROM HIS LIBRARY. FINE COPY. 26 VIRGINIA. ACTS PASSED AT A GENERAL ASSEMBLY of the Commonwealth of VIRGINIA. Begun and held at the Capitol, ..."

2. Catalogue of the Library of an Eminent Collector [J. Jadis]: Containing a by J. Jadis (1828)
"1824- -4 334 - Dalrymple's Library, fine paper, with prices, 335 Dent's Library, with prices and names, ..."

3. Catalogue of the Singularly Curious, Very Interesting, and Valuable Library by Edward Skegg, Samuel Leigh Sotheby (1842)
"Theodore) Catalogue of his Library, FINE Gregory Dexter, 8vo, 1643 PAPER, with prices and names 8vo, ..."

4. Annual Conference Proceedings of the American Library Association by American Library Association. Conference, American Library Association (1900)
"... that majority ought to, and doubtless would, come to the rescue of the library authorities on short notice. As long as the library fine is a recognized ..."

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