Definition of License plate

1. Noun. A plate mounted on the front and back of car and bearing the car's registration number.

Exact synonyms: Numberplate
Generic synonyms: Plate

Definition of License plate

1. Noun. a tag, usually of metal, bearing a sequence of letters, numbers or both, and placed at the front and back of a motor vehicle, as for identification purposes ¹

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Literary usage of License plate

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. My State by Professor Steven Schneider, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, Steven Schneider, Gary L Shipman, Evan-Moor Corporation (1996)
"Make a plan of what your license plate will contain. a. ... For instance, New York's license plate shows a picture of the Statue of Liberty, which stands in ..."

2. Helping Your Child Learn Math: With Activities for Children Aged 5 Through 13 by Patsy R. Kenter (1992)
"Call out the numbers on the license plate. See who can add the numbers up correctly. ... Try different problems using the numbers in a license plate. ..."

3. Revised Laws of Nevada: Containing State Statutes of a General Nature from by Nevada, James G. Sweeney, George Frederick Talbot, Frank Herbert Norcross (1920)
"... shall display thereon a license plate or number belonging to another vehicle or fictitious license plate or number. Nonresident owners exempt, proviso. ..."

4. Police Brutality in Urban Brazil by James Cavallaro (1997)
"Chief da Silva Filho denied the participation of the car with license plate GMG-5607 in Operation White Beard, contending that the car was in repairs that ..."

5. Helping Your Child Learn Geography by Carol S. Fromboluti (1996)
"Follow the Movement of People and Things • Play the license plate game. How many different States' plates can you identify, and what, if anything, ..."

6. The Fordowner (1915)
"When the license plate is in position, the bracket is practically invisible, and the plate is held clear of the mud and is not likely to rattle. ..."

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