Definition of Life assurance

1. Noun. Insurance paid to named beneficiaries when the insured person dies. "In England they call life insurance life assurance"

Definition of Life assurance

1. Noun. An insurance policy that pays out on death (or on certain other conditions). ¹

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Literary usage of Life assurance

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"Mr. Sharman's handbills and tracts are cleverly-written appeals and narratives in favour of life assurance. Mr. Walford's book is a valuable and ..."

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"THE life assurance COMPANIES ACT 1870. 33 and 34 Vict. c. 61. Life funds separate. 4.—In the case of a company established after the passing of this Act, ..."

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"HEART DISEASES IN THEIR RELATION TO life assurance. IN the first place allow me to thank you for the honour you have done me in asking me to read a paper to ..."

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"life assurance AND FIRE AND GENERAL INSURANCE UFE ASSURANCE THE list on the following two pages contains the names of all the more important British Life ..."

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"... 28000 yards of or peting, and 60 rugs, consuming therefor 736000 Ibs. of cotton and 90000 Ibs. of wool. JOURNAL OF INSURANCE. LAW OF life assurance. ..."

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