Definition of Light show

1. Noun. A display of colored lights moving in shifting patterns.

Generic synonyms: Display, Exhibit, Showing

Definition of Light show

1. Noun. (dated) A display of coloured lights that move in shifting patterns. ¹

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Literary usage of Light show

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Challenge of Land Use Planning After Urban Earthquakes: Observations from by Catherine Bauman (1999)
"Luminaria: this downtown Christmas light show in 1995 was cited by many as a psychological boost. renovating the temporary ..."

2. The Application of Physico-chemical Theory to Technical Processes and by Robert Konrad Kremann, Albert Mond (1913)
"The thin lines representing a weaker light show the path of the inflammation wave, while the thicker lines representing a stronger light show ..."

3. Oil and Gas in Bond, Macoupin, and Montgomery Counties, Illinois by Raymond Silliman Blatchley (1914)
"... gray 10 961 Coal 6 967 Shale, white 19 986 Pottsville formation— Shale, blue 20 1060 Sand, white (salt water and light show of oil on top) 54 1040 Sand, ..."

4. Bulletin by Illinois State Geological Survey (1914)
"20 ,060 Sand, white (salt water and light show of oil on top) 54 ,040 Sand, white (light show of oil on top) 10 ,070 Coal (?) 5 ,075 Sand, white (hole full ..."

5. Daytrips Quebec by Karen Desrosiers (2003)
"Don't miss the Act of Faith Sound-and-light show, which presents a unique look at the architecture and history of the cathedral through a dazzling ..."

6. Egypt by Jack Altman (2000)
"... evening Sound and light show narrating the glory of the pharaohs, but you should try to visit it by day, too, to get a sense of its gigantic scale. ..."

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