Definition of Limited

1. Noun. Public transport consisting of a fast train or bus that makes only a few scheduled stops. "He caught the express to New York"

Exact synonyms: Express
Generic synonyms: Public Transport
Derivative terms: Express
Antonyms: Local

2. Adjective. Small in range or scope. "A limited circle of friends"

3. Adjective. Subject to limits or subjected to limits.
Exact synonyms: Circumscribed
Similar to: Restricted

4. Adjective. Including only a part.

5. Adjective. Mediocre.
Exact synonyms: Modified
Similar to: Qualified

6. Adjective. Not excessive.
Similar to: Moderate

7. Adjective. Having a specific function or scope. "A special (or specific) role in the mission"
Exact synonyms: Special
Similar to: Specific
Derivative terms: Speciality, Specialness

8. Adjective. Not unlimited. "A limited list of choices"
Similar to: Finite

Definition of Limited

1. a. Confined within limits; narrow; circumscribed; restricted; as, our views of nature are very limited.

Definition of Limited

1. Verb. (past of limit) ¹

2. Adjective. With certain (often specified) limits placed upon it. ¹

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Definition of Limited

1. a train or bus making few stops [n -S]

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Literary usage of Limited

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"To avoid every unnecessary interference with the pursuits of the citizen, will result in more benefit than to adopt measures which could only assist limited ..."

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"Incorporation. the name of the company with the word " limited " after it, or forming part of the said name, in any of the above cases. 18. ..."

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"But, unfortunately, sir, my time is so limited " " So they will, my dear. That is a great thing, Not that James ever complains; but it is right to spare our ..."

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"This is the clear statement of the observed facts of a case of sex-limited inheritance. PHILIP B. HADLEY RI AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION, KINGSTON, R, ..."

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