Definition of Line of succession

1. Noun. The order in which individuals are expected to succeed one another in some official position.

Generic synonyms: Line

Definition of Line of succession

1. Noun. An ordered sequence of named people who would succeed to a particular office upon the death, resignation or removal of the current occupant; constructed using the rules of an established order of succession. ¹

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Literary usage of Line of succession

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (1833)
"teed, and the succession confirmed in terms of the previous arrangement«, the line of succession recognised by that treaty was the new line introduced by ..."

2. The Annals of the English Bible by Christopher Anderson (1845)

3. A Practical Treatise on Abstracts and Examinations of Title to Real Property by George William Warvelle (1907)
"The Line of Succession. The law invests the heir with the title of the ancestor, but it also designates who is to be that heir, and in this respect is rigid ..."

4. English Synonymes: With Copious Illustrations and Explanations. Drawn from by George Crabb (1863)
"Forefathers and progenitors, but parti cularly the latter, are said mostly of individuals, and respect the regular line of succession in a family ..."

5. The Succession to the English Crown: A Historical Sketch by Alfred Bailey (1879)
"The next to James in the hereditary line of succession to the English throne was his half-sister Margaret Douglas, daughter of his mother, Queen Margaret, ..."

6. The Law of Wills and Succession as Administered in Scotland: Including by John M'Laren (1894)
"The heir in the principal line of succession is called the heir of line. The line of succession in conquest deviates from the principal line in the case of ..."

7. The American and English Encyclopaedia of Law by David Shephard Garland, James Cockcroft, Lucius Polk McGehee, Charles Porterfield (1904)
"Before the ancestor's death the person who is next in the line of succession is called an heir apparent or heir presumptive. An heir apparent is the person ..."

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