Definition of Linguists

1. Noun. (plural of linguist) ¹

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Definition of Linguists

1. linguist [n] - See also: linguist

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Literary usage of Linguists

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Stability and Variation in Hopi Song by George List (1993)
"Working with the linguists Having completed the work in the field, ... Unfortunately, linguists normally work with informants, speakers of the language, ..."

2. Across Russia: From the Baltic to the Danube by Charles Augustus Stoddard (1891)
"WE had been told that the Russians were remarkable linguists; we found that most of the people spoke Russian with great fluency, and could speak very little ..."

3. Ethics and Moral Science by Lucien Lévy-Bruhl (1905)
"II Philologists and linguists the true precursors of a positive moral ... They were first the philologists of the Renaissance and the linguists, ..."

4. Book-auction Recordsby Frank Karslake by Frank Karslake (1906)
"sellers who do not happen to be linguists. In one case an English book is described as being an Editione Royale, whatever that may mean. ..."

5. The New England Gazetteer: Containing Descriptions of the States, Counties by John Hayward (1857)
"... Baptist missionary at Ningpo, China, one of the best linguists in the Celestial Empire, is a native of this town. ..."

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