Definition of Lip balm

1. Noun. A balm applied to the lips.

Generic synonyms: Balm, Ointment, Salve, Unction, Unguent

Definition of Lip balm

1. Noun. a substance topically applied to the lips of the mouth to relieve chapped or dry lips, angular cheilitis or stomatitis, and cold sores. ¹

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Literary usage of Lip balm

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The More the Merrier by Shenanigan Books, Mary Watson (2004)
"Honey lip balm Before Craft Time Supplies: sheet of self-sticking label paper compass (or circular pattern & pencil) scissors Before Craft Time: Cut out ..."

2. Perfumery and Kindred Arts: A Comprehensive Treatise on Perfumery by Richard S. Cristiani (1877)
"... Cosmetic Almond Powder ; Sulphuretted Toilet Powder 154 Meen Fun ; Cosmetic Gloves; Glove Cosmetic; Glycerine Jelly for the Skin 155 lip balm; Fard Bleu ..."

3. Icelandby Cathy Harlow by Cathy Harlow (2004)
"... WHAT TO TAKE WITH YOU General Items • lip balm, sun-screen & skin lotion to protect your skin from sun and high winds. ..."

4. Black Ants And Buddhists: Thinking Critically And Teaching Differently in Mary Cowhey by Mary Cowhey (2006)
"Even for younger students, who find it meaningful to collect survival items such as lip balm, hand lotion, socks, blankets, and warm jackets, organizing a ..."

5. Montreal by Ulysses Travel Guides Staff (2004)
"Unless otherwise stated, water is drinkable throughout Quebec. ln the winter, moisturizing lotion and lip balm are useful for people with sensitive skin, ..."

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