Definition of Lister

1. Noun. English surgeon who was the first to use antiseptics (1827-1912).

Exact synonyms: Baron Lister, Joseph Lister
Generic synonyms: Operating Surgeon, Sawbones, Surgeon

2. Noun. Assessor who makes out the tax lists.
Generic synonyms: Assessor, Tax Assessor
Derivative terms: List, List

3. Noun. Moldboard plow with a double moldboard designed to move dirt to either side of a central furrow.

Definition of Lister

1. n. One who makes a list or roll.

2. n. Same as Leister.

3. n. A double-moldboard plow which throws a deep furrow, and at the same time plants and covers grain in the bottom of the furrow.

Definition of Lister

1. Noun. A spear armed with three or more prongs, for striking fish. ¹

2. Noun. One who, or that which, lists or produces a listing; a person or organisation that creates or maintains lists. ¹

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Definition of Lister

1. a type of plow [n -S]

Medical Definition of Lister

1. A spear armed with three or more prongs, for striking fish. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Lister

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Who's who by Henry Robert Addison, Charles Henry Oakes, William John Lawson, Douglas Brooke Wheelton Sladen (1897)
"lister, Hon. Reginald, 3rd s. of 3rd Baron Ribblesdale; 2nd Secretary in HM ... lister-Kaye, Lady Beatrice Adeline, fd of 6th Duke of Newcastle; m. ..."

2. Dictionary of national biography by Leslie Stephen, Sidney Lee (1893)
"1786, was son of John lister of Stoke Newington, a wine merchant, ... Besides the improved object-glasses, lister designed for this instrument a graduated ..."

3. The Edinburgh Review by Sydney Smith (1839)
"By TH lister, Esq. 8vo. London : 1839. TITTE shall not enter upon the general merits or demerits of ' Lord Clarendon. After having been unduly exalted for ..."

4. A Time to Heal: The Diffusion of Listerism in Victorian Britain by Jerry L. Gaw (1999)
"lister, Joseph Jackson to Joseph lister, 20 March 1868. Western Manuscripts, Wellcome Institute ... lister, Joseph to Robert Davidson Murray, 8 March 1877. ..."

5. Annual Report by Illinois Farmers' Institute (1900)
"But two years ago I had Mr. Thompson buy a lister and had him pick out the ... It was new to the men who cultivated the land and they let the lister in too ..."

6. Sunset by Southern Pacific Company, Southern Pacific Company. Passenger Dept (1915)
"Mrs. Ernest lister, wife of the Governor of Washington THE wife of the Governor of Washington is interested in many lines of work but her eyes smile ..."

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