Definition of Literary study

1. Noun. The humanistic study of literature.

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Literary usage of Literary study

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Principles of Religious Education: A Course of Lectures Delivered Under the by Henry C Potter (1900)
"Our Right to the literary study of the Bible. In the "Age of Commentary " the proper Form became obscured. The Three Steps towards Recovery of Form. ..."

2. A Short Introduction to the Literature of the Bible by Richard Green Moulton (1901)
"INTRODUCTION THE literary study OF THE BIBLE AS DISTINCT FROM THEOLOGY AND CRITICISM IT is a purpose of this book to distinguish what will be here called ..."

3. The Classical World by Classical Association of the Atlantic States (1916)
"CK THE literary study OF THE CLASSICS: EXERCISES IN CICERO'S PARAGRAPHS The system of studies (Ratio Studiorum) of the Jesuits did not differ in its ..."

4. Men and Books: Or, Studies in Homiletics; Lectures Introductory to The by Austin Phelps (1882)
"TUB PRACTICABILITY OP literary study TO A PASTOR.— PRELIMINARY SUGGESTIONS. . 4th, I HAVE thus far endeavored to give you some ideal of the true study of ..."

5. Vocal and Literary Interpretation of the Bible by Samuel Silas Curry (1903)
"The literary study of the Bible, to be of any advantage to vocal ... On the other hand, vocal interpretation is the real climax of true literary study; ..."

6. Supervised Study: A Discussion of the Study Lesson in High School by Alfred Lawrence Hall-Quest (1920)
"... CHAPTER XV SUPERVISING THE STUDY OF LITERATURE I. THE PURPOSE OF LITERARY STUDY NONE of the fine arts is equal in popularity to that of literature. ..."

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