Definition of Liver fluke

1. Noun. Flatworm parasitic in liver and bile ducts of domestic animals and humans.

Exact synonyms: Fasciola Hepatica
Generic synonyms: Fluke, Trematode, Trematode Worm
Group relationships: Fasciola, Genus Fasciola

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Literary usage of Liver fluke

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Report on the Injurious Insects and Other Animals Observed in the Midland by Walter Edward Collinge (1908)
"The adult liver-fluke is a Hat unsegmented worm, about an inch and a half in length, ... The liver-fluke, like many parasitic worms, is hermaphrodite, ie, ..."

2. Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England by Royal Agricultural Society of England (1881)
"I.—Report of Experiments on the Development of the Liver-Fluke (Fasciola ... The eggs of the liver- fluke occur in very large numbers in the contents of the ..."

3. Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society by Royal Microscopical Society, London (1882)
"The paper will be very useful to all who are engaged in researches of this kind. Life-History of the liver fluke.f—Professor E. Leuckart states that his ..."

4. A Junior Course of Practical Zoology by Arthur Milnes Marshall (1899)
"THE adult liver-fluke is a flat unsegmented worm, about an inch and a half long, ... I. THK MATURE LIVER-FLUKE. Slit open the bile-ducts in ihr. liver of an ..."

5. On diseases of the liver by George Budd (1853)
"The Liver-Fluke; its effect on Sheep and other Graminivorous Animals—Flukes found in the Gall-ducts, in the Duodenum, and in branches of the Portal Vein, ..."

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