Definition of Living trust

1. Noun. A trust created and operating during the grantor's lifetime.

Exact synonyms: Inter Vivos Trust
Generic synonyms: Trust

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Literary usage of Living trust

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Banking Practice: A Textbook for Colleges and Schools of Business Administration by Loyd Helvetius Langston, Nathan Ruggles Whitney (1921)
"The Voluntary or living trust.—A form of trust service which is rapidly gaining in popularity is the voluntary or living trust. Under such an arrangement, ..."

2. Personal Finance by Robert S. Rosefsky (2001)
"It's known as the "living trust" and, for certain families, ... A living trust should be compared with all other possible alternative methods of estate ..."

3. The Financial Organization of Society by Harold Glenn Moulton (1921)
"One of the most interesting services performed for individuals is not indicated in the above grant of powers, that of a "living trust." Under a living trust ..."

4. The British and Foreign Evangelical Review and Quarterly Record of Christian by James Oswald Dykes, James Stuart Candlish, Hugh Sinclair Paterson, Joseph Samuel Exell (1874)
"Even on the shewing of Mr Hutton, there is a time when penitence enters the heart, and a living trust in Christ arises and becomes the only pure fountain of ..."

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